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Welcome to the abandoned land Come on in, child Take my hand Here there's no work or play Only one bill to pay There's just five words to say As you go down, down, down You're gonna Burn in Hell Oh, Burn in Hell You can't believe all the things I've done wrong in my life Without even trying I've lived on the Edge of a Knife Well, I've played with fire, but I don't want to get myself burned To thyn known self be true, so I think that it's time for a change Before I Burn in Hell Oh, Burn in Hell Take a good look in your heart Tell me what do you see ? It's black and it's dark, now is that how you want it to be ? It's up to you What you do will decide your own fate Make your choice now for tomorrow may be far too late Hear no Evil, don't you See no Evil, don't you Lay no Evil down on me Speak no Evil, don't you Think no Evil don't you Play with Evil, 'cause I'm free. And then you'll Burn in Hell

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