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Is there a time for keeping a distance A time to turn your eyes away Is there a time for keeping your head down For getting on with your day Is there a time for kohl and lipstick A time for cutting hair Is there a time for high street shopping To find the right dress to wear Here she comes Heads turn around Here she comes To take her crown Is there a time to walk for cover A time for kiss and tell Is there a time for different colors Different names you find it hard to spell Is there a time for first communion A time for east 17 Is there a time to turn the mecca Is there a time to be a beauty queen Here she comes Beauty plays the crown Here she comes Surreal in her crown (Pavarotti) Dici che il fiume Trova la via al mare E come il fiume Giungerai a me Oltre i confini E le terre assetate Dici che come fiume Come fiume L'amore giunger L'amore E non so pi pregare E nell'amore non so pi sperare E quell'amore non so pi aspettare English translation You say that the river Finds the way to the sea And as the river You'll come to me Beyond the borders And the thirsty lands You say that as river As river Love will come Love And I cannot pray anymore And I cannot hope in love anymore And I cannot wait for love anymore (Bono) Is there a time for tying ribbons A time for Chrisas trees Is there a time for laying tables When the night is set to freeze

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